Lifting a Rock

Posted On: 2021-01-25

By Mark

In my previous work, one of our leaders would use the idiom that something was "like picking up a rock". Whenever it was used, it meant that something unpleasant had just been uncovered and - crucially - it had been there long before it was known. As one who often found himself picking up said "rocks", I had the good fortune to see the way many of these situations were approached. Looking back on it, I can see patterns of good management and culture that reinforced and enabled resolving such issues. In today's post, I thought I'd share some of these patterns, in the hopes that it helps others to respond better whenever they find someone is "picking up a rock."

Over the years I'd worked at my previous employment, I picked up many rocks, and felt confident and supported enough to keep reporting whenever I found a new one (and occasionally even encouraging others who found themselves holding unexpected rocks.) It's my hope that these positive patterns I've observed can help: every organization has its own rocks, and only by confronting what they find underneath can they become better.