Site Update: Glossary Added

Posted On: 2020-06-29

By Mark

Today's post is a small announcement: I've added a new glossary section to the site. This addition is in response to a recurring pattern of needing to define something that I've already covered in a previous post.

Now, when I find that I need to (for example) write about the Salience Engine, I can neatly link to its glossary entry and trust that new readers will be able to follow along, without slowing down the post to explain it (again). As an additional bonus, the "Further Reading" section in the glossary makes for a convenient way for interested readers to find more information about the topic, in case they aren't satisfied with the (intentionally brief) glossary entry itself.

Although the glossary is currently pretty light (only 2 entries so far), I expect that it will grow over time. Going forward, whenever I find that I need to repeat myself, I will instead be able to make a new glossary entry, thereby both expanding the usefulness of the glossary itself, while also keeping my post shorter and more on-point.