Technical Issues And Holiday Cheer

Posted On: 2021-12-27

By Mark

Originally, I'd planned to post a simple wish for you to have a happy holiday - but I've been pulled out of my own efforts to do the same by a number of technical issues that you may have noticed on your way here. For those who didn't notice - or those who are reading this after they have been resolved - the issue is quite simple and entirely my fault: I failed to renew the site's security certificate in time, and, though everything is still secure and functioning correctly, users get an ominous "certificate expired" message when they first visit.

Since becoming aware of the issue, I've been working through getting an updated certificate - but due to process changes (and perhaps a dash of holiday delays), it's proving both slower and more difficult than anticipated. Thus, I simply ask that you bear with me as I get this all sorted out. And, of course, I still wish you happy holidays.

January 5th Update:

I've resolved the issue above, but it was apparently only one of several technical issues at hand. On top of the certificate issues, there was also an issue with the automated deployment such that, although this post was set to go live on the 27th, it wasn't available for over a week. As of today, I've resolved the most visible issues (security certificate and automated deployments are now working), so you should be able to use the site unimpeded.

I appreciate your patience with the site's holiday outages, and hope you'll join me next monday for a mini postmortem covering what all went wrong.