Time and Hobbies

Posted On: 2017-05-06

By Mark

It has been a while since my last post, and I thought I should write a bit about why that is and how it happened.

Firstly, it is important to know that, at present, my work on Hedberg Games is a hobby. As is to be expected, when professional and personal obligations become overwhelming, I often do not have much time or energy for working on my hobby. Additionally, since these blog posts are often detailed, they tend to require a significant chunk of time (at a minimum a couple of hours, much longer for more detailed or informative posts.) As such, when I am feeling overwhelmed, I tend to only have small scraps of time to work on my hobby, so I tend to pick things that are much smaller time investments (such as casually reading someone else's blog, or experimenting with little bits of things in some throwaway program). Lastly, when I fall behind, I feel obligated to provide some kind of explanation, but the effort of trying to articulate it is often more significant than is required in normal posts (not the least because I avoid talking about my professional life as best I can).

All these factors combine together to create an ever-increasing obstacle to creating blog posts when I am busy. Unfortunately, it is common for me to have significant spikes of busy-ness for an extended period of time (usually a month, possibly more). Now that I am (hopefully) on the far side of one such spike, I am going to look at creating a backlog of blog posts that I can use the next time such a spike occurs. I am hopeful that, by drawing upon the backlog, I can continue to provide something valuable to read every couple of weeks, even when I don't have the time and/or focus to write something.

Thanks for your patience as I stumble through figuring out this whole blogging thing.

Thank you,