Tutorials for Machines

Posted On: 2021-03-22

By Mark

While reading a bit about machine learning best practices*, I was struck by the similarities to best practices in tutorial design. This should, perhaps, be somewhat unsurprising: both are designed to optimize learning new (if not outright alien) interactions, and both liberally repurpose lessons drawn from studying how humans learn. Nonetheless, I found it fascinating - and thought it might be interesting enough to warrant sharing.

Shared Strategies


As you can see, best practices for training AI can serve as an excellent reminder for effective strategies for training humans as well. There are, of course, many best practices that are irrelevant to humans*, but I found it a bit surprising how many of the simpler concepts transferred successfully. Personally, I find it interesting to muse about (for example, would good tutorials be good AI training environments?) Hopefully, you have found it interesting as well.