Upcoming Retrospective

Posted On: 2019-04-01

By Mark

Today marks exactly six months since I started working full-time on making a game. A lot has been accomplished, and a lot still remains left to do. While I had hoped to write a six-month retrospective, I am instead focused on my imminent (admittedly, self-imposed) deadline of getting my current prototype into the hands of playtesters. The past week has been spent trying to finish off the last remaining issues, and as such I haven't had the time to step back and reflect on what has happened over these past six months. In light of that, I will instead postpone my retrospective: I fully expect that I will complete the remaining essential changes to the prototype, as well as get the first playtest (I have someone lined up for this already.) Once I am the far side of that playtest, I will take the time to reflect. As such, you can expect to see my six-month retrospective next week. Hope you are looking forward to it (I would be, if I could stop looking at the deadlines right in front of me.)