Update Schedule

Posted On: 2016-09-25

By Mark

I failed to mention in my previous post what my planned update schedule would be (partly because it didn't fit as well with the tone, and partly because I wanted to test it out a bit). Although releasing an interesting and (mostly) bug-free prototype every two weeks was pretty stressful (I mentioned that several times in my reflections), and did not leave a lot of room for more ambitious/challenging design or the flexibility to account for life (I can only work on this part-time right now), I thought that the structure of accomplishing something bi-weekly was essential for keeping the site a part of my life (and hopefully yours!) In light of that, I intend to post one (or more) blog post every two weeks, and include in it where I am in my current projects, as well as what I am intending to work on next. I will also document anything that has changed on the site, complete with links (if applicable) so you can easily find anything new.

In short, I will be updating something every two weeks!

That being said, today's status update is a good example of hoping to accomplish one thing (fixing Build Tomorrow) but finding that I could not complete it within the two week timeframe I had given myself (I let some work and health things take priority instead.) I have updated the comment on Build Tomorrow's page to reflect this, but I am optimistic that it should be done soon. I was able to make a significant breakthrough on the "hard" part of the process (converting the server code to something that would work without a server) but I discovered that I significantly overestimated how much of the GUI I could recover. As such, I am in a place where I think I have working code (minus saving/loading) but I can't really tell for sure, because it doesn't actually display anything (without liberal use of a debugger).

I was able to accomplish a much smaller initiative, though. I received some feedback that I had overlooked a number of typos and spelling/grammar mistakes on my prototype pages. Although nearly all of the mistakes were in my original writeups (they were typically created the same day I posted a prototype, often after coding or debugging for several hours straight) I thought that, since it would only improve comprehension and not impact the content of my writeups, I should go ahead and fix them. Additionally, since I was provided with a complete list, I was able to accomplish in time for today's update, so as of right now, my various prototypes should be grammatically correct!