Happy New Year (2017)

Posted On: 2017-01-02

By Mark

Happy new year, and welcome to 2017!

A lot of people start each new year with a resolution to do (or not do) something that year, but I've never really understood why. January 1st (or 2nd, as in this post) seems like a really arbitrary date to decide what you are going to do for the next 365 days. Additionally, planning an entire year in advance is horribly vulnerable to the Cone of Uncertainty (who knows if 200 days from now they will even be living in the same place, with the same job, in relationships with the same people, eating the same foods, etc.)

In light of my feelings about resolutions, I will instead document a few things that I am currently keeping my eye on as good goals. They are certainly open to change, reprioritization, or complete abandonment, however, they are things which, at present, are worth investigating working on in the next few months:

While not exactly resolutions, those are my current ambitions for this... year? I'll probably change/refine them within a month or two, but this should be a good place to start the year. If you have any thoughts about it, please let me know!