New Prototype: "Falling"

Posted On: 2016-12-18

By Mark

Today I'm uploading my latest prototype (with the unimaginative name "Falling"). You can play it online for free, like my other prototypes. It is also available as a download.

While I had originally planned on working on it throughout the month, I realized that what I currently have is very solid. Although it isn't exactly the desired design, most of the core mechanics are in place and they appear to be providing the desired emotion (joy and light-hearted fun). There are changes I would like to make, but they would require a significant time investment and there are no guarantees that it will be more fun that what I already have. In light of all that, I've decided this is the best place to release the prototype.

Looking back on this week, I am actually very glad that I made that choice: the technology used for this game was different from what I have previously used, and I ended up needing the whole week to work through all the technical issues related to getting it up and running online. While I am still not 100% satisfied with the technology, I think this is a step in the right direction. (Although making prototypes available to play online works very well, before I can make a full-sized game, I need to be comfortable using a technology that supports downloading and installing.)