Planning 2019

Posted On: 2019-01-07

By Mark

As mentioned previously, this first post of the new year is a list of plans, both short and long term. The short term plan will be more concrete, while long term plan will be more vague or maleable, as the future is necessarily uncertain.

Near-term goals

Similar to how I approached planning last time I will break down each of these goals into the discipline they apply to. I find this helps me better organize my thoughts, as it can be easy to inadvertently focus on one discipline rather than view the whole spectrum of work that I will need to do. I will also be trying to keep the quantity of goals limited, as several of these are much larger endeavors than the single phrase I am giving them.

Longer-term goals

Longer term goals are presented less concretely. The goal of a long-term plan is to have guidelines to use for creating future short-term plans, while also defining what bridges to be careful not to burn while working on the current short-term plans (hopefully that analogy makes sense.)


Now that the plans are all laid out, it is time to start executing on them! (Though, in truth, I've actually already started on the narrative architecture.) Hopefully this glimpse into my plans has been useful or at least interesting.