Updated Site and Extended Robot

Posted On: 2017-02-13

By Mark

Today's update includes a few notable things. Each of them has a bit of a story associated with them, so I'll jump right into that:

  1. About a year ago, I created an extra level for my prototype A Robot Named What. It was originally created as a gift for someone who very much enjoys the game, and I had thought it would be a good opportunity to start getting back into making hobby-project games. The gift part worked out really well (she really enjoyed it) but I didn't get back into making games until much later. Now that I am getting back into it, I realized it would be a perfect occasion to share that same extra level with everyone. The new version, with both levels 1 and 2, is available for anyone to play!

  2. Since most gift-giving occasions are annual events, you may not be surprised to know that I also gave a gift to that same Robot fan rather recently. This year, I commissioned a mini-sculpture of that same Robot from the multi-talented artist who created his original art (Jeanette, a.k.a. Jet Malek) :

    Photo of Robot figurine

    (There are more pictures of the sculpture and many of her other works on her DeviantArt page.)

  3. Lastly, I did a bit of housekeeping on the site. In particular, I updated my site so that whenever I refer to the wonderful artist who helped with several different prototypes, I always use her pen name: Jet Malek. She is in the process of unifying her online presence under that same name, and I wanted to do my part to help out with that. (She published a very charming, short e-book under that name, and is working towards publishing a full-length novel as well.)

There were also a few invisible changes around the site (improvements to the blog tech, for example), but I think these three capture the most important updates. Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed reading them.