Old Prototype's Source Available (Under New Name)

Posted On: 2023-09-04

By Mark

Two big announcements today:

  1. My old prototype "Table Flip" is now named "Skies Below"
  2. The source code for Skies Below is now available online, freely available under the permissive MIT license

I'm pretty excited about both these changes - the name "Table Flip" has always implied the wrong emotion for players, but I've largely kept the name for continuity's sake. Now that the source code is going to be publicly available (and possibly reaching a wider audience), this seems like the right time to change it.

Opening up the source code is, in many ways, a much bigger change. As I mentioned in my previous post, most of my bi-weekly prototypes don't use any form of source control, and my ability to access the source code is not well-maintained. Moving the code into git makes it easier for me to backup and maintain, but making it publicly available on github means it can be used as a teaching tool: the flash version of the game as well as the initial haxe version are available as branches, so I (or anyone else) can reference or compare the files, to show how the process of porting works.

Opening up the code also means picking a license that defines how people can use it, but I want something that wouldn't artificially impede anyone from using the code. To that end, the MIT license seems like the most appropriate one to use: it's very permissive, well known, and imposes no restrictions on mixing the code with other third-party/closed source works.

Renames and History

For the sake of consistency, I will be revising the various references to Skies Below throughout this site, so that everywhere uses this new name. While I generally avoid making changes to old posts, I make occasional exceptions to correct the grammar/spelling, and I feel that keeping the name consistent will make it easier for future readers to make sense of older posts.

For now, however, I have not updated any of my old posts. Instead, I will wait until my next post (the first monday in October) to make those changes, as this both allows people time to adjust to the new name and gives me additional time to make sure the changes are sufficiently thorough.